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December 29, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Within Reach

Today's song is Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren released in 1973.

The popularity of this site is steadily increasing. It is an effective focal point for dissemination of what dwells within as a result of years of effort and loyal readers. The site itself is only one click away from any place in the world. All websites share that functionality. The trick is to get them to click on my site.

Many users come here every day, between 1,200 and 2,000 and linger for varying amounts of time. Some users visit only momentarily. Others spend hours pursuing the material in a self-paced methodical manner.

Interestingly enough, occasionally someone reaches out to contact me. Their communications range from inquiries to comments on what they found here. I respond back to each and every one of those messages. It's a polite and proper part of our culture to respond to people who take the time to contact us, especially if they provide a reasonable explanation for doing so.

Of course, I'm frequently creating new content for all of you. There's no pressure here for you to come and visit. I force no commitments on anyone for their visitations. The exchange is made on the conjunction of your free will and mine.

In this past year several people communicated deep thoughts to me about what they found here. It was great to send and receive those emails between us for the time it lasted. I know it wouldn't last forever, however it was good to travel a common path for awhile. Thanks.

I'm sure there are others who hesitate to send me a note of their thoughts. I often sense someone wants to connect, but they aren't ready yet. Sometimes I think I've touched them in a deep way and it causes a sense of apprehension on their part. Maybe someday they will broach their concerns with me.

My family, friends, and I use this site as a way to refresh our relationships on a continual basis. Some of those friends have never met me in-person or it's been decades since we last met. We enjoined ourselves to each other along uncommon bonds by this medium for those cool times when our souls are redeemed through mutual respect and understanding.

Most of those that I love in one way or another regardless of time and distance let me know the feeling is reciprocal. They can "catch-up" or "meet me" at this virtual intersection at any point in their day. In such moments, I'm even less than a click away because they know me so intuitively. They arrive anticipating a part of me here awaiting them. I fill a need in them and they fill that same need in me--compassion.

Today's a day to collect a virtual hug from me. I suppose I could mention that capability everyday, I'm always within reach to share that way.


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