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December 27, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Favorite Ten Images And Associated Narratives

Today's song is by the Moody Blues, Tuesday Afternoon released in July 1968.

In a previous home page, I listed my top ten favorite songs of all time. Today I list another set of my favorites, my top ten images and associated narratives. I must stress that these are not necessarily my top ten images by themselves, but a combination of image and text. I'm keeping my top ten favorite images list to myself because what they express for me is very personal.

These are the titles that stir me the most in their presentation of art and words. Almost all of my digital art is created only when the spirit moves me. I usually don't have an expectation of what to create when I start. Only after a period of time in the design do I realize the result is complete. The words come later and as is most often the case, they stream out of my thoughts into the written word in one complete session. Only typos or grammatical corrections are made on them afterwards.

In recent weeks, Deer Woman Moon has increased in popularity among readers. Sometimes it gets viewed 70 times a day! For those of you that like it, maybe you'll be pleased to know that I have placed it first on this list too.

I was considering writing a home page message about that image and how it relates to me during the years before I was married. Instead after I wrote that draft, I placed it into my notes for my upcoming book where I can weave it into the flow those chapters dealing with that period of my life.

These selections are ranked in ascending order with the most important to me first.

1. Deer Woman Moon

2. Light My Fire

3. Stalemate of a Thought

4. Broken Dreams Island

5. Riders On The Storm

6. You Already Know

7. Silhouette Disclosure

8. Harvest Moon

9. Deprecated Affection

10. Sonoma Wormhole


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