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December 24, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Some Memories Of Christmas' Past

The above image is, Poinsettia and Holly

Today's song is Anyone Who Had A Heart by Dusty Springfield, released in 1964.

My earliest Christmas memory is from 1954. The picture below is from our mobile home that year. I wrote a little about it back on December 3, 2004.

During the early and middle 1960's I recall an aluminum Christmas tree with the three colored revolving lenses shining on the tree at home. I hated those aluminum trees. I was glad when they were no longer fashionable. To me they represented the commercialism of the holiday season, all shine and no substance.

Earlier this month I wrote about my Christmas experience of 1968. I was a freshman in college that year. It was the time of the Hong Kong Flu pandemic. In the weeks before while still at school I received my first flu shot ever. By the time I arrived home that Christmas break, my entire family was sick from the flu. I was the only one who didn't get sick. I receive flu shots every year since then, they work!

I wrote about my 1972 Christmas two years ago. That was my last sad Christmas, just a mere 35 years ago.

After my marriage in 1973 and especially when our daughter was born in 1976, the Christmas holiday season has always been celebrated in happiness. Last year we celebrated in Santa Barbara, California. We had a great time there.

This year we spend at home and await the arrival of our daughter and granddaughter later this week. I haven't seen them since last August. Some of the best presents are worth waiting for and it's true for Sherry and I this year.


My friend, Marc, sent me this link about a cool way to do head-tracking as part of Wiimote hacking.


My friend, Lil, sent me this link about the band, Five for Fighting that will donate $0.49 for every view of this video concerning autism.


Here's another web location I found that helps feed people by playing a simple game. Each game results in a certain amount of food being donated.


This new type of vehicle is being designed in nearby Carlsbad, California.


According to this article, now we know why men are supposedly better in humor. ;-)


This news could affect many consumers.


For those running Windows on a Mac.


An inside look at Xerox PARC.


The SEC launches a new tool to compare executive pay. Maybe the next version will allow stockholders to make compensation adjustments according to executive performance?


The U.S. Army is purchasing more Macs to protect against cybersecurity threats. This is big news for the corporate world too.


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