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December 22, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

Christmas 2004 Comes Early

This Christmas season, Sherry and I decided to purchase a new vehicle as a mutual Christmas present to each other. We have looked around and discussed a new purchase for several months.

Last Saturday, we went to a local auto dealer and purchased the Midnight Blue, 2005 Dodge Caravan SXT. We are both very happy with the deal we negotiated for it.

We are donating our 1992 Plymouth Voyager mini-van to charity. It still runs well enough for city driving, but with over 116,000 miles on it, it's pretty tired. That van served us well all these years. We have so many memories of that mini-van, with: cross-country trips; moving our daughter back-and-forth from college several times; camping trips [1, 2, 3]; and the move from Illinois to California, we got our money's worth out of it.

The new Dodge is a beauty. It has the options we wanted and it's a very quiet and comfortable ride. We are already starting to plan our next driving and camping trips. With the back bucket seats removed, we have plenty of room to sleep on our hi-tech camping mattresses.

On Christmas morning, Sherry and I will exchange a few smaller gifts to each other. Then we go to the ocean with a small Christmas Tree as is our tradition on holidays here in San Diego. Later, we're off to dinner around Noon at a friend's house where eleven people are gathering to celebrate the day.

Merry Christmas to all!


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