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December 21, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Winter Solstice 2006

This image, "Island Blue At Night" is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel, released in 1966.

Yesterday in the early hours of the morning, this site passed the one and 3/4 million page views mark. It is expected that by Summer 2007, it will reach the 2 million page view threshold. Thanks everyone for your visits to my site. :-)

It's nice to know the daylight portion of each day here will be getting longer after today for the next six months. Daylight Saving Time can't come soon enough for me. :-)

On Saturday we are off to Santa Barbara, California to celebrate the Christmas weekend. The weather there is expected to be sunny and in the 60's. We are staying very close to the beach, so strolls along the shoreline there will be something we do together. Sherry and I were last there when we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary in that beautiful city in April 2005.


On this date in 1866, the Red Cloud's War event known as Fetterman Massacre took place near what was then known as Fort Phil Kearny in what is now Eastern Wyoming. I read about that historic event back in 1978 on a trip to Yellowstone National Park. In July 1985, I visited the site of the short battle where a foolish calvary officer named William J. Fetterman thought he could defeat the Sioux warriors on their own land. He died along with his entire command in that ill-fated plan. Below are two images I took during that trip.


A new HDMI card called Intensity may appeal to a number of my San Diego Macintosh Users Group friends. Some of the club members have contributed to commercial films, so a card like this might be helpful to them.

While on the Mac club topic, this new software product, Desktop Transporter might make a nice stocking-stuffer gift.


Action Point is software for those interested in facilitating social change.


I'm happy to see the actors in those Mac commercials win advertising awards.


As many of you savvy computer people know, the new computers from all vendors pretty much use multi-core processors. Here's an article on what it means for Mac users.

In speaking of Mac computers, the next release of the Mac OS is reportedly going to be ZFS aware. It's not clear to me if the next MacOS will actually use this storage approach itself or just be able to support systems using ZFS.


The musical rendition of The Christmas Song by Bobby Cottonwood (shown below), is a gift from him to my Digital Passages customers. I share it with you all here. Thanks, Bobby!

Lastly, this poem below is published for all of you from my friends in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Twas The Night Before Macintosh

Sent to me by Allen Turner and Gene Weed

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
No one was web surfing with an optical mouse
The websites were bookmarked into Favorites with care
In hopes that next log-on they still would be there

The children were lying all snug in their beds
Thoughts of blocked websites alive in their heads
With Ma in her kerchief and I in warm fleece
I set myself down to burn DVDs

When out of my monitor came such a clatter
That I minimized Windows to see what was the matter
Then what I saw made me tremble with fear
Eighteen error messages, none of them clear

Was it my motherboard, hard drive, or some other part?
Whatever it was it was breaking my heart
I've had crashes before, but none of them serious
This unholy mess was truly mysterious.

My heart filled with hope, I wished to believe
That a tech could come onsite on this Christmas eve.
But my tech numbers were all stored on my pc
It looked like there was no online hope, left for me

What made the whole mess such a damn crying shame
All the gift I was giving were nothing but a pc game
The disks were all useless without a computer
They can't come alive, they'll just sit and be neuter

I dialed a helpline and heard a strange noise
Then my call was picked up by a recorded voice
If my problem was bad I was told dial "One"
Then I waited on hold till the nighttime was done.

Then with much clatter
I heard footsteps on a ladder
I opened up the sash
Only to find a cable guy, splicing with a gash.

I wondered if the trouble was only my cable
Then asked that plump old man
What was that the matter.

Laying a finger on his nose
The cable man just told
That a reindeer had poked the tiny hole
And could be fixed with just a hose.

I remained on line
For at least an hour
Then, unto my surprise,
A voice came on, with some strange whine

He then said, in his foreign voice
That it would be really nice
To reset all my software
And to be, really precise.

I hollered to him
That I done this twice!
And with a twinkling of my eye
He hung up with a sigh.

Then I opened a box marked open me first.
Then unto my surprise
It was eight tiny memorize
And installed them quickly with my fist. 

I turned on the power
And it began to groan
Like it needed someone wiser
Higher with a throne.

Again I opened up the sash
And trough it in the trash.

I then opened a big box that the man had left
And began to assemble this heap of some less.
Then I said,

Oh my Gosh!

What to my utter surprise
It worked at last
The name on the box
Was - Macintosh!


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