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December 21, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Messages And Destinations

Today's song is Wasted On the Way by Crosby, Stills, and Nash from 1982.

Messages are often very important and must be delivered. The message is intended to be delivered to the desired destination. That end point might be a company, a mailbox, or a particular person. It is assumed that a message requested to be delivered to someone in particular, is done so in an honest and expedient fashion.

How do you know your message has been properly transmitted, delivered, and received with the intention it was sent? How long do you wait for an answer? How do you know the answer is the truth, returned from the initial intended recipient?

What if someone along the way intercepted the message, interceded without cause, prevented the original message from being delivered, responded themselves with lies to throw you off track? How would you know?

Some messages are so important that there is only one way to know for sure they are delivered. The originator must make direct contact with the intended recipient and can't let anyone else interfere with the message or its path. Only then can you be sure your message was received to whom it was intended.

In my own life there have been times when I resorted to extra steps to make sure I directly contacted the person I wanted to receive my message. I didn't let intermediaries have an opportunity to prevent contact.

I would hope that anyone whoever really needed to contact me followed the same principle. I can't recall not ever directly responding to someone who contacted me, even strangers who have done so. I expect all messages for me to be delivered promptly without alteration, it has always been that way all of my adult life. No one speaks for me, I speak for myself and that too has always been the case since I was in my late teen's. Almost always I get back to the sender in-person or by direct means from me to them.

There have been too many cases in this world where somebody interferes with communications between people without authorization and approval. It has caused much misunderstanding and many problems for many people. As far as I know for sure, I was never denied access to any original message sent to me.

In this holiday season of compassion, reach out to those you miss. Make sure they get the message that you care.


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