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December 18, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

People Of The Year

This image, Reiki's Center is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Listen People by Herman's Hermits, released in 1966.

If you are like me and publish content to the World Wide Web, we are being appreciated by being named Time Magazine's Person Of The Year (cover shown below). Collectively, we contribute more information that the mainstream media does.

If you are using a Mac OS Tiger with an iSight camera, the Time Magazine cover should look like this when viewed in Safari.

Thank you, Time Magazine, for your recognition to all of us. I'm still undecided about adding this notable credit to my resume. :-)


I published a Digital PodCasts interview [ Link since removed ] with my friend and author, Bob Katzman. During the discussion he mentioned that the Luthern School of Theology at Chicago is now carrying his books for sale. Slowly, but surely, Bob is getting his message out. He recently was interviewed on a local Chicago cable channel providing additional exposure.

If you're interested in the common man's struggles in life, buy and read his books. Well over 1,200 people have already done so, and with his increased marketing efforts, he'll be able to publish the next volume in his series shown below.

The podcast audio recorded was post-processed by Gene Weed at Studio 57A in Cottonwood, Arizona.


I saw the announcement on this new MacOS X project management software, OmniPlan. It easily exchanges information with Microsoft's Project Management software, so OmniPlan may be a useful product to purchase. As some of you know, I am a project manager and interested that kind of software running on the Mac.


Last Friday afternoon, I went to see the new movie, Apocalypto. The movie is very intense, allowing the viewer to visualize what life was like in a Mayan warrior society. It's easy to see how cultures bent on violence for their foundation, succumb to their own demise from within.

There are places in the world today where societies use violence instead of peaceful persuasion in the attempt to achieve their goals. We see examples of their violence on the news every day. Like other societies of the past that tried that approach, they will fail [1; 2]. It's just a matter of how many people get sacrificed before the end comes to them.


I caught the classic Christmas season movie, It's A Wonderful Life on TV Saturday night. When George Bailey begs God to give him life again, I feel just as I did the first time I saw that scene many years ago.

There have been many people in real life who felt like the main character in that movie. Some of them faced desperate situations and decisions just like George Bailey does in that 1946 film and yet they are still standing tall. They are People Of The Year, every year.

In this holiday season, let them know it.

Seasons Greetings!


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