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December 18, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Exchanges Of The Soul

Today's song is one of my own instrumentals, Contemplation. It's appearance here today is to help signify the following message.

Last Thursday I went to see the new movie King Kong and was surprised to see it was a love story of sorts. It is the eye contact made between the various characters, especially between the lead female character and the giant ape, that reminds me of similar exchanges in my life. Inspired by those recollections, after the movie I decided to do something in the spirit of love and the holidays. My father, I was told, used to spend his bonus money on Christmas gifts for the friends and family in his life just about this time of year. With that in mind, here is what I decided to do in my own style.

On Friday I contacted my good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, and asked his advice about converting my Digital Passages music CD's for distribution on this web site. Following his instructions I encoded every track of those two cd's at 32kbits/s at 32 khz and placed them on my GarageBand Riffs page as mp3 files. I still own the copyright and for commercial usage they require a license and fee payment, but otherwise for non-commercial usage they are free to use if artist credit is given as specified on that page. I hope my readers enjoy my creations along the musical line of the cd's pictured below.

Saturday at Noon, I attended a Staff Appreciation lunch at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park at the invitation of my friend and manager of that facility, Mick Calarco. I met a few new people that work for him as well as others I already know and we thoroughly enjoyed the food Mick cooked up for us. We ate at the table of the main Hacienda (shown below) where Leo himself once sat, it was great!

Saturday night, Sherry and I attended the company party provided by her employer. It was a wonderful gathering and I witnessed a close-knit group of people, most of whom I met at last year's party. The food was delicious and the group participated in a series of funny activities together. It is easy to see why their small company is growing and their successes are so rewarding.

Today, Sunday, at home we bake several plates of cookies for our neighbors. My job is to sprinkle the tops with different colored and flavored toppings. Then we deliver those tokens of our feelings to our neighbors as we have each December holiday season since we moved to this house in 1998.

Later this week I meet with my friends in Carlsbad for a holiday celebration lunch. That too has become a tradition and a time to appreciate what we all value in each other's friendships.

In the week following Christmas, I expect to meet two of my former high school students I mentored at Digital Sweatshop Inc. They were seniors in high school then and now they are seniors in college. We have stayed in touch through the years and look forward to the opportunity to meet in-person this time of year to catch-up on each other's lives.

Most of you will have your own versions of celebrating at this time of year. Whatever you do and wherever you go, go safely and enjoy the time. Exchanges of the soul will guide you.


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