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December 15, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Age Of Project Management Arrives

The above image is, Matters Of Perspective

Today's song is He's So Shy by The Pointer Sisters, released in 1980.

The need for project managers all over the globe is tremendous. According to PMI's own research, 70% of all projects fail because project management knowledge is not applied properly, if at all. Just think of all the money, time, and resources wasted at a 70% loss rate.

I've been a member of PMI-SD since January 2007 and a CAPM since September 2007. It is a very rewarding experience. Each month I receive monthly magazines providing new information and insights. I just finished reading one of this month's magazines, 2009 Leadership Through Project Management. On page three is the article from PMI's President and CEO, Gregory Balestrero and I provide a couple quotes from his message:

"Project management is all about value enhancement, not cost reduction."

"If project leaders and their teams adopt the right strategies and techniques, the current business climate presents more than its share of opportunities."

Effective project leaders should continue to urge management to not abandon proven project management techniques in the effort to reduce costs during the economic crash. This is a time for many positive reconsiderations in business, new ways to grow market-share and increase competitive advantage in the process. Below is another quote from 2009 Leadership Through Project Management:

"There's a saying that old methods are really good at preventing new things from being created. We're in a situation where old methods are being used to try to identify new ideas and that kind of thinking has played itself out." -- Chauncey Hollingsworth, pg. 36.

My partner, Marc and I at Newbound, Inc. continue to build our corporate software library to allow quick delivery of solutions to improve business processes for our customers. We deliver effective solutions enabling our customers to better adjust to the changing competitive forces they face.

In the coming year, project management will play more of a role in our own business. It makes sense to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem when delivering value in a changing economy's landscape. Being a member in PMI is imperative for staying ahead of the curve in the age of project management.


I published a new short story, Past Temptation.


Recently I have gained some new friends on my Facebook site. It's one more place to explore the online world and reconnect with old relationships or create new ones.


As President and CFO at Newbound, Inc., I manage the corporate finances. Earlier this year I contracted with PayChex to handle the payroll for the company. Loraine McDonald, Payroll Sales Consultant, is very knowledgeable and helpful. Give her a call if your company is evaluating their current payroll system for the New Year.


My friend, Chris, informs me that she found a site for free flashcards on so many topics. In particular she found a set for project management.


My friend, Kathleen, reminds me that there is someone who always is thinking of me--and you too!


My friend, Bob, sent me an information link on the world's fastest electric superbike.


Found on the web links for December 14, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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