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December 14, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Gifts For Life

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Today's song is Pocket Full of Miracles by Frank Sinatra from 1961.

Today would have been the 62nd birthday of my late brother, Charlie. He was the first-born of my parents and had many gifts in life. Charlie was very intelligent and a talented artist. He left us too soon at age 40 in January 1984.

Some people are very much in touch with the gifts they possess in life. Others discover their gifts late. Some never find them at all.

Twenty-five years ago this coming January I came close to death from an appendicitis attack. During my recuperation process, I discovered a gift for computer programming and it developed from that point on for decades. In the Spring of that year, 1981, my wife and daughter purchased a gold chain necklace and eagle for me in celebration of my full recovery. I wear it almost every time I venture outside. It too is a treasured gift in my life.

I notice the gifts in other people too. Some have strong skills for the arts or team building. On Monday I discovered during a meeting that one of my friends has a distinctive style of communicating. Her thoughts are clearly conveyed in an interesting way. She has a gift of insights and how to present them in a charming way when she speaks. I believe it is a key ingredient of her success today and for what the future holds in store for her.

My friend, Rick, has a gift to see the good in people. He inspires me to look deeper into people as he always does and find their inspirations and motivations.

We need to share the gifts we have as openly as we can. By doing that we may be a catalyst in the outpouring or discovery of another's gift.

I've had many opportunities to benefit from other's gifts. My good friend, Ronny, helped me learn some important programming techniques through his patient tutelage. A man named Ken offered me a consulting contract in 1984 through his kindness and community-oriented approach to life. Those are just a couple examples out of many times in my life when I was in need of someone's help. Over the years, I've tried to pay it forward because that's how the process of life works best!

This is the time of the season to exchange gifts that are not of the material world, but of the spirit, of the heart. Give freely and more will be returned back to you. You'll have your own pocket full of miracles at your discretion.


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