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December 14, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

Secrets With You

What is a secret? I think a secret is a special piece of information that you keep to yourself. That information may be about you, another person, a business deal, or other confidential sources.

Probably like most people, I know many secrets. I know the truth to many situations involving people or technical matters. There are things I know that may have been forgotten by others.

Some people share secrets. They can't wait to divulge confidential information. They can't wait to hear confidential information about something that is really none of their concern.

I don't share secrets with anyone. Perhaps that's one of the reasons so many people confide in me. I tend to think I'm a trusted source whether it's personal or business related information. To privately retain such knowledge is of paramount importance. Because of the many secrets I know about, I am able to form a wide variety of conclusions about people and other dealings. The information I accumulate is far more valuable to me as a secret than it would be to reveal the sources.

I do share a lot about me here and that's no secret at all. I am now in the process of creating DVD's of my art and including my music as background.

As my Storytelling career emerges, I'll be sharing my life experiences, art, and music. I won't be telling any secrets, but I will talk about lessons learned along the way with special people in my life and having been in special circumstances from time-to-time.

There is a related Digital Passages PodCast [ Link since removed ] if you want more information on the QuickTime Demo video short itself.


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