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December 12, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Persistent Student

The above image is, Large Waterfall On A Hot Day

Today's song is I Told You So by The Delphonics, released in 1973.

About ten days ago I finished the first book I was studying for the MCTS MS Project 2007 certification. Now I'm about 60% through the more detailed second book. I occasionally reference this book too for the absolute definitive understanding required.

I plan on taking the actual MCTS exam in January. The MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) rating on my resume will be useful in many ways. Part of the value-add Newbound, Inc. brings to our clients is built around good project management through our consulting and in using our software solutions.


In the last few days I had time to watch two more of my holiday movies:

A few holiday movies are still on my list to celebrate the season...


My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, has moved into a 2,500 sq ft. home in Cottonwood, Arizona. He has has plenty of room to host Sherry and I when we visit him.


My friend, Rory, sent me this link. I'm glad he did. It gave me a chance to return the very same Christmas gift I was going to give Sherry. ;-)


The insightful California state government is almost out of money. For so many years they have spent more than they take in. They don't know how to manage money very well.

When they figure out that every person using government services needs to pay taxes, they might begin to have a grip on reality. For now, they mistakenly believe that only some wage-earners need to pay taxes, and even at that, they have ridiculous rates on the high end. As a result when high-income earners are out-of-work, tax revenue goes down. Duh!

We need a flat tax in this state starting with the first dollar of income, no exemptions. I'm not holding my breath this state will ever figure out how to tax adequately and fairly to all residents.


Liz sent me the PowerPoint Show, Let It Snow.


My cousin, Linda, sent me this holiday video, Christmas Lights. This video is in wmv format, not Quicktime.


Looking for a good book?


Found on the web links for December 11, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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