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December 10, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Have A Holiday Heart!

Today's instrumental is, Till the End of Time by Earl Klugh.

Are you able to share your heart with somebody else? Some people, like me, do so openly. Others are not able to do so for one reason or another. One could wonder what is in the heart's of those that are not able to love another.

There is plenty of love in this man's heart. My wife and daughter receive the bulk of that love, but there is plenty left over for many others.

My friend, Bob Springer, forwarded a PowerPoint presentation to me that expresses the holiday season succinctly. From the email list accompanying his email, he sure has a lot of friends that seem to look out for one another quite often. That email requested I share it openly and so I have with it's title, Christmas Blessings.

I have enjoyed this year's emails to me from some of my readers. As is often the case, a few initial emails end up being a continuous stream of exchanges for a while because something between us strikes an accord of souls. I really enjoy those emails because it validates what I feel in my heart about this web site and within me.

This is the time of year to reach out to someone you might wish to know or to rekindle a friendship that grew cold over time and distance. You'll both be glad you did. :-)

My friendships and relationships, past and present, live in my heart. Not just during the Winter holidays, but always until the end of time.


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