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December 8, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]


Todays song is, People Make the World Go Round by The Stylistics.

Last night I attended the last San Diego Macintosh Users Group meeting of the year and it was a fun-filled gathering. Before the meeting started some of us discussed political current events and part of that discussion was about my consideration to run for political office. After the meeting, about six of us went out for a snack and the discussion again came up about my running for office. One of the attendees to that session was a man who has spent time as a political staffer in the past and advised me of how the inside process works.

I have limited ways to impact my surroundings. After thinking about the option to run and the dialog exchanges recently with people when I sought their advice, I think I better stay out of politics. I don't want to be corrupted by the legislative process even if by some chance I was elected. My personality isn't suited for doing deals in back-rooms, being influenced by other legislators so that they'll support me if I support them. Those are the basic problems in politics, "power-distribution", greed, inflated self-images, etc. Those are some of the forces that brought Duke Cunningham down. They're not going to get a hold of me!


A Vietnam Vet attended our after-the-meeting SDMUG session last night. He has the honor of facilitating events for vets in the southern California region. He's personally met 70 or so of the remaining 117 Medal Of Honor recipients. He had earlier attended a ceremony marking the 64th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. We spoke about the need for people to tell their stories and at the same time respect confidentiality and privacy concerns of those sources. I urged him to find as way to satisfy the conditions and publish what he could on the Internet.


Of course much of the entire evening was spent exchanging information on the Mac-Intel lineup starting in 2006. I am very eager to see what's being released at MacWorld this coming January. Analysts are predicting a 20 billion dollar year for Apple. Many of us Apple supporters are looking forward to a device that lets us control our video and music usage centrally. We won't have long to wait...


Thank you to everyone who sent prayers for Katie's family.


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