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December 6, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Larson Holiday Plans 2006

Today's song is Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea, released in 1986.

I recently watched the 1970 movie, Scrooge to put me more deeply into the holiday mood. This was my second DVD in my holiday collection I watched as I partook with popcorn and soda. There are several more holiday movies yet to watch this month under those same conditions. :-)

Soon Sherry and I will leave for Chicago to visit our granddaughter's family. It will be nice to see her now that she is four months old. I last saw her in-person when she was not yet one month old.

Later this month, Sherry, DJ, and I will spend the Christmas weekend in Santa Barbara. There is a church there where a bell choir performs at the evening service. I remember the bell choir music from the 1972 Christmas Eve service I attended when I lived in Santa Barbara before I was married. Now, thirty-four years later, I return to refresh my memory and introduce the melodic sounds to Sherry and DJ.

The sunny warm days have been pleasant here in San Diego. Many of the neighbors have installed lights around their homes to light the season for the typical southern California celebration of this month's holidays.

This is also a time to remember that some people feel sad and lonely during the holidays. Don't forget to give everyone you meet a smile and perhaps a holiday greeting. That isn't too much to ask, is it?


The new Microsoft Zune MP3 Player is now out. I found one owner's review of the setup process. It seems to me that Microsoft continues to find new ways to frustrate it's customers. I don't see this Zune product as an iPod killer. It must have been created to do something else. Ask Santa to get you an Apple iPod and be cool like everyone else who owns one.


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