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December 6, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Remembering Katie

Today's music is one of my own creations, Inexorable Sorrow.

My youngest niece, Katie, passed away yesterday at her home from cancer. Family members were at her side. Her particular cancer was a very virulent form, relentless in attacking her body no matter which medical techniques were waged in her favor. She turned 14 years old just a few months ago.

In early November, Sherry and I traveled to see Katie and her family. Sherry and I spent time with her at the medical clinic, an ordeal she was participating in every weekday at that time. Her treatments included massive doses of radiation and the last of the chemo treatments that enabled her to live out her wish of seeing wolves in Alaska during her recent Make-A-Wish trip. She celebrated Thanksgiving with the family and afterwards took a turn for the worse. I was alerted to the imminent news last Thursday by my sister.

Katie was a dancer, a singer, a person with a wonderful smile and wishing to help and comfort those around her in life. She did bring comfort to others even near the end. Katie taught me a thing or two during my visit. Her lessons are part of my cherished memories of her.

I won't be attending the services, that was decided when I spoke with my sister in late October. It was more important that Sherry and I come and visit while Katie was alive. My sister and the family know and understand that Sherry and I stand with them in spirit. We made that clear to them during our visit.

Katie no longer suffers from the terrible disease that slowly took her life over the last nineteen or so months. Her Spirit is in a new realm now. We who remain in life must now find ways to carry on in grief and sadness by her death. Prayers for Katie's family and friends at this time are appreciated.

Rest In Peace Katie, your time with we that knew you will not be forgotten. You remain in our hearts forever.


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