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December 4, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

A New Acquaintance Brings A New Perspective

This image, Emotional Demarcations is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Natural Beauty by Neil Young, released in 1992.

My December 2006 horoscope seems to be consistent with my first few days of this month. I'll explain why in the next paragraph.

Some months ago a reader of this site from my former Chicago high school, emailed me about using one of my photographs for a college paper. She's lived here in the San Diego area for a long time. I agreed to let her license my photos and in the brief correspondence between us, she discovered I also lived in the San Diego region.

I never knew her previously because she graduated two years after I did. We met for for the first time on Saturday at the San Marcos Starbucks near my home.

We spoke for several hours on a variety of topics. She provided me with some of her insights from her own life experiences. I was surprised at the amount of insight she had on so many subjects. She is a person who has experienced much in life and is comfortable expressing her views. She is a strong woman and I'm glad she took the time to contact me and talk to me about things that matter to her.

Much of what we spoke about is too private to reveal. I can say that she opened my mind to some new ideas and thoughts. Some of those same subjects I have communicated on this site in different persepectives over the last four years.

The new digital image, Emotional Demarcations, shown near the top of this page is inspired by her philosophy about how a person deals with emotional issues. I thank her for her continuing work and mission in life to help others with what she has discovered.


In the spirit of the holidays, my daughter asked me to pass this web site link along. I don't need the visits of three Christmas ghosts to convince me to mention it here. :-)


I found a site that let's people express their writings during the time they were a teenager. I could contribute to that site if I had access to the things I wrote back then. :-)


My good friend, Jeff Rutan, is building a new 3D modeling user group web site. He is providing a section for member profiles. You may view my profile here. Thanks, Jeff!


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