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December 4, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

San Diego December Nights 2005

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Today's song is California Nights by Lesley Gore.

Last night I attended the San Diego December Nights 2005 festival held down at Balboa Park. The weather was brisk as tens of thousands of people gathered in celebration of the good times in life. It's been a few years since my last attendance at that event. I was overdue in my return.

I enjoyed the food and the opportunity to strike-up conversations with total strangers filled with the same holiday spirit as I. As usual all the museums and other halls were open for the greater part of the evening allowing the multitudes to enter and see the many various exhibits free of charge.

I spent some time in The Museum of Photographic Arts and the San Diego Natural History Museum. The rest of time I wandered the grounds watching the people enjoy themselves.

The experience was another footstep into this holiday season. A chance to sense the beauty and goodness of people when they assemble to appreciate days gone by, today, and dream about tomorrow.


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