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December 2, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

50th Congressional Seat Open

Todays song is, Change The World, by Eric Clapton.

I once respected Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, my former U.S. Congressman from the 50th Congressional District (shown below). Now, I resent him because he disgraced those he represented by taking bribes. The seat is now open and a Special Election will be held to elect a new representative.

I called around and I found out to run for this office, you need to be in a registered political party, pay a fee, and obtain forty eligible signatures from the same registered party.

I wonder if I should run for this office?

I have the required qualifications. I'm not into being bribed or paid under-the-table for deals. I have held many leadership positions in various volunteer and business organizations. I would approach the office with dignity and do my best to represent my constituents. I am honest and have a high degree of integrity. I would be a good fit for this office.

I don't have any political experience, so I don't owe anyone any favors. I am free of promissory obligations so there are no connections there either. I'm law-abiding, trustworthy, and, I know how to communicate with people.

I'm not a war hero. I am not rich and famous. I'm not a lawyer. I'm not out on the golf course or at chamber of commerce functions making deals. Instead, I spend most of my free time helping the community with volunteer activities or involved with my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club.

No special election date is set as of this time. The Governor of California will set a date and then the clock starts ticking.

I'm inclined to run for this office if I can raise some funds and obviously get the support of people who know me. The worst that can happen is if people tell me they would rather vote for someone else. It seems like a reasonable and valid challenge for me to pursue.

I recall first-hand when President Kennedy during his Inaugural Address spoke the immortal words, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!" Maybe it's time for me to do something new and exciting and help restore integrity back into the office of my 50th Congressional District by running for that seat.


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