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December 1, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Kid Gloves Politicians

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Today's song is The Fool On The Hill by The Beatles, released in 1967.

I watched a news segment today where a person tossed their hat into the 2008 Presidential race. The person is like so many others who will run for that office over the next two years. Each one is likely to make the same kind of wimpy statements that lack any real strength or change in course for the United States. Just like that person I heard today did.

Like many Americans, I'm tired of wimpy politicians. I'm not interested in people who run for high office without a real view of the United States and how to protect us from enemies out to kill us by the millions.

Are any of you tired of wimpy politicians who make claims that Americans want "bold, new leaders" and then can't deliver because they aren't a bold, new leaders themselves?

A bold, new American leader will take steps that are vastly different than any previous President took. They are not afraid to use their imagination, to not walk the same ineffective steps that have been used before over the past 30+ years.

If any politician wants to use any of the same wimpy steps used over the last 30+ years, to protect America, then they, by my definition, are not, "bold, new leaders". They are just a new round of liars who will cause Americans to suffer and/or die, due to their lack of real Presidential leadership.

If Americans will take some time to look around the world and see leaders of other countries that are rising in power or political stature, they will see leaders who are bold, new leaders. We may not like some of those leaders, but I have to admit, they are not wimpy, and they aren't following in the same steps as their predecessors did over the last 30+ years in their own countries.

That's why I say, the time for American Presidential candidates that think we, the citizens, want to elect a President who treats America's problems and threats with "kids gloves", such candidates should be taken as a joke. We should laugh at them at first and then just shun them for being the fools they really are.

Let's see if any really tough people will run for the office of President. Let's hear their plans in specific terms, not general wimpy platitudes. Let's elect someone who looks at the world without the "rose-colored" glasses.

I don't know if anyone will be that person. Perhaps we will elect another wimpy person, who apologizes, and makes excuses about why he/she can't get things done as President. If so, this country is almost finished, in my humble opinion. Our enemies, led by their own bold, new leaders, will be ready to strike us down because they know we have already lost without the bold, new leadership we need.

Bold, new leaders, aren't afraid to cite specific plans and intentions. Bold, new leaders will take bold, new steps that haven't been taken before to secure the safety and future of America. They will unhesitatingly use all the resources available to them to accomplish that mission.


On Thursday afternoon, I was trying to read Tom Skilling's Weather Blog about the huge snow storm heading towards Chicago. When I clicked on his blog link I was amazed to see the following 509 Server Error message:

I think it's funny that the Chicago WGN IT staff didn't allocate enough bandwidth (data transfer rate) for their headlining meteorologist's blog. I did discover that soon after I got that error message, the WGN staff gave his blog more bandwidth and I was able to read the article.


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