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August 31, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Labor Day Weekend 2007

The above image, Chi is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Eight Days A Week by The Beatles, released in 1964.

This summer really went by fast. I enjoyed the break I took and the trips back to Chicago to see my family and friends. I hope you enjoyed your summer too.

The upcoming holiday weekend is a chance to remember all those workers that fought to provide you with the 40-hour work week and the benefits you probably have. Now with a global economy, a person is lucky if they can work only 40 hours and enjoy their benefits.

Ask your presidential candidate about their views on working 40 hours a week. Some of them are in the Congress or the Senate. I know they don't even work 40 hours often enough. :-)


I love the comments posted by users on this Does Mac OS X Suck? article. The best one I liked is shown below:

"You are correct in saying that Mac OS X is not ready for the Enterprise! It does not take 10 minutes to boot up like Windows. It does not require constantly an enterprise help desk to fix the "Blue Screen of Death". It does not require layers and layers of virus & security software like Windows does. It does not check with Apple every time you start your machine for licenses, like Windows checks with Microsoft. It does not disable your machine like Windows does if Microsoft does not bless your license. It does not make to stand on your head to get your work done like Windows does. There are many more such things that it does not like Windows does. Your absolutely correct in saying that Mac OS X sucks as an Enterprise Operating System since it supports the end-user rather than the IT/IS."


I previously wrote about Data Visualization. Here's another great article on that topic with more links and examples.


I appreciate that NASA images will be archived.


The peer-to-peer network TorrentSpy is being scrutinized.


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