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August 29, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Most Valuable Kind Of Heart

The above image, Heart Of Gold is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Heart Of Gold by Neil Young, released in 1971.

The song I picked for today's message was a song I first heard after I married Sherry in April, 1973. In the small wooden cabin we lived in, we could play her cassette tapes at night while we looked out the loft window into the moonlit forest. I was lucky because I found a wife with a heart of gold that shines as brightly today as back then.

Like most people I have encountered many people with a heart of gold that helped me during my life. I also had an opportunity to observe the beneficial acts towards others by some of these same people as well as others who exhibited that special trait. It is a good feeling to know that humane behavior still exists in our modern world.

Many of my friends confide in me and tell me where their heart is at times. Often they relate acts of kindness to others I may or may not know and they provide that kindness so willingly. Some of those same kindness givers have been negatively impacted in life, yet they do not feel or act like victims. I keep their secrets confidential and say a prayer for them and those they help.

My newest digital art piece celebrates all the people in the world who reach out to unselfishly help others and touch their hearts together in an act of goodness.


Four of my Del Mar Racetrack pictures are being used in the California 2008-09 Fair and Expositions Expenditure Plan (PDF). I was contacted months ago by Bruce Lim, Assistant Director, CA Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Fairs and Expositions for permission to use my photos. I happily agreed to his request without charge.


I congratulate Senator Barack Obama on his Democratic nomination for President in 2008. Now let me hear how you intend to govern Senator, give specifics. Also debate in an open forum in town hall settings so that we, the people, can ask questions of you without your prior knowledge and hear your replies.

I want to see Senator John McCain in the same settings to hear his specific plans too, and his responses to impromptu questions.

After the Republican Convention is over, it will be a period of time to see how well the candidates can help me decide who to vote for this year. There are likely to be more important events before election day and I will want to know how both candidates would respond in such circumstances. I am originally from Illinois, but for this election I'm from Missouri, the show me state!


My friend, Rick White, is featured in one of the NBC photos from the 2008 Olympics. His photo (shown below) is the eighth thumbnail image in the series from the Men's Volleyball Gold Medal Match. That's Rick waving the American flag in a Colonial hat. ;-)

In the near future I'll be talking with Rick and hearing about his trip to the China Games.


My friend, Bob Springer, send me an interesting link on the Second American Revolution. Maybe Colonial clothing is coming back into style?

Bob also sent me some information about some of the best Hubble Space Telescope images. I am intrigued by the Sombrero Galaxy. It is 28 million light-years from Earth, containing 800 billion stars, and measuring 50,000 light-years in diameter.

I wonder how many intelligent life forms exist there?


Apparently, my friend, Shelly Noren, is running for President this year. At least her political ads aren't negative.


Okay, back to the drawing board on wind power. Sooner or later our infrastructure needs huge upgrades or replacements. This is just one more sign.


Although at least one of my friends disagrees that hydrogen cars are practical, the news about them continues to impress me.


College trays are under fire.


More great news about consumers ready to purchase Apple products.


A good outcome for a trial that should not have been held. I hope the prosecution costs were extremely high to help deter bringing such cases to trial in the future. We civilians who have never served in combat in a war setting cannot be true peers in a jury to judge those that have served under those conditions. I'm glad the jury saw it that way too. :-)


Found on the web links for August 28, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


Here is the last of this summer's Digital Insight segments.

Taken In (Created in March 2004)

Have you ever been made to be somebody's fool? Did you learn from the experience or just become bitter over it?

It is my view that people do things to other people for many reasons and the outcome is not always the expected one. One negative attribution could be the result of someone's deceit and misuse of your trust. If you want to be positive about that result, if it's happened to you, then accept the outcome and become wiser and loving in response. I think you'll find that reaction to be beneficial because without a "chip on your shoulder", you're more appealing to someone who will take you into their heart and provide you true love.

When that happens to you, you'll see the light of life much more fully and arrive at a new understanding of who you are. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"There are times in our lives when we can be used or sometimes even abused. Often the impact is not intentionally meant. On the other hand, there are times when the unfair advantage is intended. That's why the School of Hard Knocks has one of the largest alumni all over the world -- and growing every day.

Of course, we can all be rescued. In that way we are 'taken in' through a loving, and beneficial way. I prefer the latter encounter, using the lessons of the past to help those people who are exposed to the former at vulnerable times in their lives."


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