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August 25, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Front And Center

The above image, Carlsbad Surfers At Dusk is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Bend Me, Shape Me by The American Breed, released in 1967.

My friend from high school, Scott Racine, is at the 2008 Democratic Convention as an advisor to Senator Barack Obama.

It appears to me again that the Centrists are having it their way in the Democratic Party. Now will the Republican Party move to the center, that remains to be seen?

I am registered as an Independent Voter this year and waiting to hear the policies of both major political party candidates. So far, I've heard fluff and political BS from both sides. They can get away with those approaches, in my humble opinion, because so many people in both parties give support to their candidate too far ahead of time.

If most Americans stayed Independent it might force candidates to talk about issues and their policies. But, instead they support the nomination process as it is now and we as a nation get what we ask for as a result.


I have added a link to a Navajo Flute tune, The Dawn of Mankind, created by my good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, to the top of this home page. Gene owns a traditional flute from Jonah Thompson and plays it well.


My friend, Nicki Branch, runs a ranch for horses that need help or new owners. She recently sent me this link.


Okay, we need a lot more hydrogen-powered cars for Americans. We should be able to put millions of these on the roads in the next ten years if we put our minds to it.


Found on the web links for August 24, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


Here is today's Digital Insight.

Feelings Twice Removed (Created in July 2002)

There are times when you experience a feeling for the very first time. It may be long in duration or very short. Time passes and you recall that experience as unique.

Then, one day, unexpectedly, you experience that feeling once again and then it passes from your life as quickly as it arrived. That second and any subsequent encounters leave ripples upon your very being that cannot be ignored.

They penetrate to the nether regions of your heart. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Life is often very interesting and challenging for sensitive people. Have you ever detected that you felt and sensed things differently than most people do?"


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