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August 24, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Impacts And Their After Effects

The above image, Inner Sanctum is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Somebody Already Broke My Heart by Sade, released in 2000.

One of my very close friends wrote me his response to my final chapter [link since deleted] of my book project. The quote he wrote (shown below) is difficult to answer:

I wonder if people truly understand the impact they have on our lives?

I think it depends of how much they cared for us along with if they are even aware to any degree for the impact on us. In the absence of one of those conditions, the other cannot even be evaluated. In the absence of both, then they cannot understand the impact they bestowed.

We should not depend on their perspective, instead we need to be assure of our own belief of self. I agree it would be comforting to have them acknowledge their impact on us. They would have to understand themselves pretty well first, before they could arrive at understanding the effect they had on us.

I think it is more important if we can come to terms with understanding the effect they had on us, especially if they shaped us in some particular long-lasting attitudes. Be happy if those changes are of a positive nature.

Positive changes incorporated within us are acknowledged by the people that love us now, our friends, and those we impact for the better.


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