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August 23, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Inside Out

The above image also available as a Desktop

Today's song is one of my own, Secrets With You from my Spirit Of The Pathfinder album, released in 2005.

After my recent trip to Cottonwood, I decided to write another chapter of my book [link since deleted]. It wasn't an easy chapter to write, but it is the beginning of the path in my life. Since I advocate for people to tell their own stories, it was time for me to write more about myself.

There are several people I know that are almost ready to tell others about their life stories. I don't know if I am a motivator for them to do so or not. I'm not looking for credit if they do. I will be happy to see them emerge when they are ready.

Every day this site receives over 1,200 page views. I see interesting patterns of visits sometimes. At times my psychic connections kick-in and I strongly believe I know who is perusing my site. Only a few people in my life would be able to fill-in the blanks to some of the pages here. Depending on the circumstances, only one other person knows the most specific aspects that we shared.

That's how stories are absorbed by those that know (knew) me and those that don't. The message is sent in viewable form. That's what is important to me as the author or artist. I have no control how the message is interpreted. If and when I am contacted about what I create, only then can a conversation begin. If that conversation is to occur, it's not my job to initiate it. I've spoken about that prerequisite previously on this site.

Each time I write for my book, more insights come to me. I find new ways to reach out and touch others. I increasingly encounter people willing to talk to me about their life stories too. We reveal details where we shared experiences in common to various degrees and where new frontiers were encountered and explored. Sometimes secrets are exchanged. Those secrets are divulged in a realm of trust formed between us. It is good to know such stories can be shared and respected for their inherent privacy.


Now for a couple other items that may be of interest to you.

I found a link to explain how some municipalities implement Wi-Fi for their residents. I'm a very strong advocate for complete US coverage of inexpensive high-speed internet access for us to use. Our taxes should pay for it to keep costs extremely low. Below is one of my quotes from 1998:

"Paved surface streets and roads were the infrastructure of the Industrial Age city. High-speed, two-way, Internet access is the new infrastructure of a modern city today."


If you don't have the ability to create PDF's right from your own computer, here is an online free form to help you accomplish that task.


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