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August 21, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

August 2006 Trip to Cottonwood, Arizona

Today's song is Karen's Theme by Richard Carpenter, released in 1998.

On my previous home page I wrote of simple acts. Acting on my own advice, I went to visit my good friend and mentor, Gene Weed (shown above). He lives in Cottonwood, Arizona, a great small town. In some ways the people there live simpler lives. I know Gene does.

At some points along the 500 miles ride, I drove through the desert with temperatures reaching up to 113 degrees outside. I remained cool inside the Dodge Caravan with the air-conditioning running. At 70 mph, it takes about nine hours to drive there with the regular stops. The van easily cruised at that speed providing 26 miles-per-gallon with the engine running at about 2200 rpm. I listened to random selections from my 524 songs from my iPod Nano hooked to the van's sound system all day long.

Gene knew the Carpenter family while he was growing up. He was very close friends with Karen and Richard. He played as part of the band on a few of their early records. His stories are wonderful insights into the world of music, TV, and radio.

Gene recently retired after a long career in the entertainment and broadcast industry. He may continue to do part-time work teaching at the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmaking as part of the Sedona Center for Arts & Technology. He continues to help people as part of his life philosophy.

One of Gene's hobbies is to apply his digital magic to restoring old 78 RPM records from the Big Band era. I have heard those results and it sounds like those orchestras are playing right in front of me.

Gene uses the Apple Mac as his computer system of choice. One of the labs where he taught last year is shown below. A room full of Apple G5's helps students prepare themselves as Independent Film Producers. He knows a lot about making films and post-production of sound records. I hope he continues as his schedule allows at the Sedona Center for Arts & Technology.

The time we spent together on this recent trip was very relaxing and fulfilling. We talked about many topics. We had a wonderful time when we stopped to have breakfast or dinner. Cottonwood is a small enough town to appreciate in and of itself. I like it there a lot.

Nearby is Sedona and Oak Creek, places of stunning natural beauty. I took many pictures there, some of them are are shown here.

I wish my friend, Gene, a long and happy retirement. He's earned it after nearly forty years of work.


Speaking of Apple Computer, that company continues to increase their market share. They are making a lot of money and their new computers are faster and less expensive than the competition. A recent story about Dell's problems only helps to provide further incentive for Windows users to make the move from Windows to Mac. Perhaps it's time for Dell to close shop and give the money back to it's investors?


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