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August 17, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Upon Canaan's Path

The above image is, Sphere Of Influence

Today's song is Been To Canaan by Carole King, released in 1972.

Sunday afternoon, Sherry and went to see the the new movie, Julie & Julia. It is an extremely enjoyable movie with many laughs. It tells the twin American stories of how Julia worked in France for many years to bring French cooking recipes to American homes, and also how Julie blogged her way to success in Queens, New York.

The entrepreneurial spirit is chiefly responsible for the success both women achieved in their goals. They held fast to their own beliefs and didn't let obstacles stop them. Instead they learned from their setbacks and harnessed the energies within to persevere.

As an entrepreneur and writer myself, I could identify with their obstacles. If pursuing success was easy, everyone would be doing it. Failure is part of success and those life experiences of Julie and Julia are illustrated throughout the film.

Sometimes I wonder if there is yet another career in me too. I've had many careers and new adventures are a part of my being. No, I'm not taking up cooking, but a passion exists in me to help teams develop and grow. I have lots of experience in leading teams of people. I've taught hundreds of people along the way. I've given many speeches and presentations before small, medium, and large groups. Maybe this movie is helping me see the path ahead a little more clearly now that my appetite for following it is awakened...


I recently and for the first time watched the 1962 movie, Lolita. Even in it's toned down screenplay there is little left to be desired allowing a lot of sexual innuendo to slip on through.

James Mason played his part excellently. Shelley Winters played her part well too.

Peter Sellers character is absolutely brilliant and makes the film a success. The ways he torments James Mason's character is ingenious. I don't know how many takes his scenes required with Mason, but at times I think I saw Mason almost crack up himself from Sellers' antics.


My good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, granted me permission to publish his 2007 radio show in mp3 format that includes music from the late Les Paul. The Press Release is shown below:


Gene Weed's famous 2007 LIVE SHOW, with over 1.5 million listeners world wide over WHAV.NET, 30 USA Cable companies; simulcast on WBZ, Boston, WEZE, Boston and WGY Radio, Schenectady, NY; NBC Flagstaff station- 1922- 1983.

A simple tribute to all those who made music.
Les Paul contributed to this show and revealed one of his best kept secrets, "TIGER RAG"

A tribute to my mentor Les Paul, Frankie Lane, Count Basie, Ralph Flanagan, and many more.

Show is 1 hour and is about 55MB in size.

Permission granted to post, for WHAV and STUDIO 57A

Recorded in Boston, Aug 2007 by WAHV over the iFX Radio Network.

Thanks, Gene!


My friend, Tammy, has a website, T & P Records as a way to help her particular charities and social causes. Like Julia and Julie, she works hard at her passion to help others.


My Facebook friend, Jim, just returned from a trip to Hawaii with his family. He gave me permission to link to his beautiful pictures. Thanks, Jim!


Chicago redefines a historical massacre.


Found on the web links for August 16, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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