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August 16, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Life's Simpler Times

Today's song is Graduation Day by The Beach Boys, released in 1964.

If you're an adult over fifty, you can likely recall simpler times when the world wasn't so caught up in chaos. It doesn't matter what nation you live in, you have known simpler times in your life.

The lives we envision for ourselves when we graduate school is probably one of those times. We think one outcome will happen, but for most people that plan doesn't come to fruition. Life situations arise otherwise from what we feel will happen in our youth. No guarantees exist in life, the littlest activity you generate might initiate the most complex outcome.

Just recently I was speaking with a friend. She told me she met her husband to-be when he was serving as Santa Clause for children. She was the person responsible for making sure a Santa would be available for the children. She got more than she bargained for that day. Simple acts with rewarding consequences, in more ways than one came their way.

Simple acts produce simpler times. Do something simple and positive today and see your world change.


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