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August 13, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Thinking Back

The above image is, Horizon Of The Heart

Today's song is Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra and the late Lee Hazelwood, released in 1967.

This coming Thursday, August 16, 2007 is the 30th anniversary marking the death of Elvis Presley. I watched him live on the Ed Sullivan Show back in 1957. That was the first time I remember seeing him.

I liked Elvis in my youth and his early 1960's movies. My favorite song of his is, Memories (1968). I thought he was talented and a likable person, it seemed. I think his work in Las Vegas exceeded his limits, something a person should never do for too long.

I visited Graceland with Sherry and our daughter in December 1995, during a trip we took while on our daughter's winter break from college. We saw his grave. He died much too young. The King is missed.

In my life, August 16, 2007 is remembered for many events that coincided on that particular day across different years. I take it as a sign.


Speaking of 1957, here's an article about 1957 Chevy's. I remember those cars very well. The 1957 Chevy Bel Air is one of my favorite all-time cars! I wonder if Elvis owned a few... :-)


I recently received information about the death of the mother of someone I once knew very well. Apparently she died in late 2001. That must have been hard on the children. Losing your mother is a very sad experience. I said a prayer for her, her children, extended family, and friends.


I published a new short story last week, Sacred Journey. I hope it is received well by my readers.


Gene Weed has published the last UFO interview as an mp3, free of charge, with Col. Ross Dedrickson. I quote from Gene's page on that interview's description:

ATTEN: Col. Dedrickcson passed away July 21, 2007

He will be missed. Ross wanted me to release this information upon his death. And in as such I am offering his last interview free of charge. USAF Col. Ross Dedrickson (Rtd.) joins radio host Gene Weed in a one hour-long open discussion on the advanced information and technologies recovered from multiple UFO crashes around the world. In this interview; Roswell, 1941-1947. The infamous Phoenix Lights, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, Secret Aircraft. Secret Bases, Area 51, Atlantis and much, much more.

Gene say's; "This is the most facinating and important one hour interview I ever conducted."


I'm adding two links to my YouTube favorites page:


China is increasingly watching its people with western-developed technology. Of course, if China keeps polluting the air with all their new coal plants, the visibility might be impaired. Then again, maybe all those video recorders will capture are people wearing masks so they can breath.


I read that Microsoft, the company that refuses to support most Open Standards, has lost a key vote for their XML alternative format. This is good news for the industry and consumers. Hopefully, one day, Microsoft will support Open Standards 100% and make life easier for everyone. That will probably happen about the same time as Elvis comes out of hiding... ;-)


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