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August 12, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]


The 1942 song, As Time Goes By as sung by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca is a fitting tune for today's message.

I continue to attempt to influence the world around me using all my energies. The Internet is an enabling technology, a communications channel, a path between us. This is a place of exposed emotions and experiences via that conduit of humanity existing between each of us. I'm a searcher for truth, a pathfinder, an unabashed romantic at the center of my being. Come and virtually travel with me awhile today.

This site reflects some of my life. In and of itself it cannot replace voids in my life. It adds to my life to be able to express the thoughts and feelings I have experienced over the decades as an adult. You may recognize some of what is presented here in your own life since very few human experiences are totally unique to any one person. In some ways this site is a mirror to us all.

This is the 500th page in continuing series of art, photo's, code examples, and life experiences. I added a new rollover buttons bar on the home page underneath the header graphic as a shortcut to the most popular sections. In the coming weeks the popularity of what is found here will reflect the one million page view mark. That's a nice milestone and it makes me feel good that so many people find value in what is offered on Time Out Of Mind.

I appreciate all who stop by here and I really like the emails sent to me concerning Time Out Of Mind. Thank you.

My latest offerings include the new digital creation, Heart's On Fire as a standalone image and QuickTime movie which is about 4 seconds long and 1/2 MB in size..


For this special occasion, I convey the following motivational Digital Insight for my newest digital image.

Heart's On Fire (Created in August 2005)

As an artist, I feel a great many emotions and express them freely in my art and writings. It is a passion of mine that lay undiscovered until that talent emerged in me in 1997. Its presence is woven into my character nowadays in almost every thing I do.

Some ideas and feelings of mine are strongly motivated. There are certain aspects of my life that will not be held back from completion. To say that I apply 100% of my energies to those subjects is an understatement. My heart is one fire and it will not be quenched!

This particular image is my attempt to illustrate the core of my being and the flames of passion as I sense them inside. May it be the same for your passions. This image is also available as a QuickTime movie which is about 4 seconds long and 1/2 MB in size. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Remember that love you once held or still hold onto a noticeable degree? Maybe you're lucky and your partner in love still loves you as they first did long ago? Such relationships keep the magic going and going with no batteries required."


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