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August 11, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Assembly For The Centrists

Today's song is Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears, released in 1985.

The consolidating political power of American Centrists is only a matter of time now. The fringe left and right elements of political parties will be delegated to their minority views, once the Centrists from the two major parties figure out they are the overwhelming majority of voters in America and work together to dominate the political landscape. I await that day, since I am a Centrist.

Many recent polls indicate that American voters are willing to elect newbies instead of retaining the incumbents, regardless of party affiliation. If the upcoming election results bear those surveys out, I hope the majority of the newbies elected are Centrists, so that the majority will of the country can be exercised, instead of the fringe elements derailing effective government efforts. America as a whole will continue to struggle instead of lead until that transformation is complete.

There is a lot of work to be done by Americans who are part of the Centrist majority. Only when the Centrists have been elected as the three-fifths majority to the House and Senate, and as President, will most of that work begin to be completed. Until then, the "fringers" from both parties will continue to prevent final action by their respective parties.

If the Centrists do not come to power in the near future, the country will further fracture along extremist lines of political thought. In the past twenty years, I have witnessed the fracturing by extremism increase and now, on almost every topic, the "fringers" practice their polarization on the web, in the streets, every place they can.

It's time to start the assembly of Centrists. Elect Centrists! Vote-out "fringers"! Get America back on track with Centrists taking over all three branches of the government and exercise overwhelming majority rule.

And leave the "fringers"--to themselves...


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