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August 7, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]


The above image, On Course To Paradise is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is (Theme from) Valley of the Dolls, by Dionne Warwick, released in 1968.

This week I was asked a lot of questions. My granddaughter asked some. My daughter asked some. Friends of mine asked me some. I hope I gave some sufficient answers.

Questions are a part of life. I occasionally ask someone questions myself. I would like to ask salespeople in departments store questions, but I hardly ever find those folks.

If we look on websites for answers to questions, we often never find them there. When's the last time you looked on a large corporation's website and right there on the home page it told you how to get real help? Usually you are referred to another page that doesn't bring you to your answer either.

Many large corporate websites offer a Search Here box. Most of the ones I've tried to use, aren't setup to provide meaningful results. Then just try to email the company or call someone, you'll begin to question who designed their website and search engine because they omitted that information.

Not long ago, my friend tried to find an address to complain about a local phone company issue he was encountering. I tried finding the address myself online on their sites and couldn't. I ended up sending him the name and address of the CEO of the national company I found in their 2009 Annual Report. Those corporate reports always have names, phone numbers, and addresses listed. Many of those corporate Annual Reports are online too. Maybe their local corporate websites should link to the Annual Reports to save consumers time when searching for contact information?

This is not the Age of Information. This is the Age of Questions. I bet there are a 1,000 times more questions than sources of information for the answers. Do you think I underestimated that number? ;-)


More bad mortgage news. My son-in-law was telling me about this developing national economic situation last Thanksgiving.

"If you're not already underwater on your mortgage, there's a decent chance you will be. According to a new report from Deutsche Bank, up to 25 million American homeowners could eventually owe more than their house is worth. That would account for 48% of all mortgage holders."


My niece, Denise, sent me a link to one of her friend's websites. Take a look at KJOS Outdoors.


My friend, Gary, published his latest leadership article, Saving Money on Employee Development. It's very much to the point.


Indigenous people gain historic ground.


The godfather of chaos theory speaks.


Possible relief for migraine headaches.


Found on the web links for August 6, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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