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August 7, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Football Season 2006

Today's song is Sunday Will Never Be The Same by Spanky & Our Gang, released in 1967.

I watched Sunday Night Football last night. It was good to see John Madden and Al Michaels back together again. I enjoy watching those two guys working together. I sometimes watch other football games and the other announcers of those games talk too much, in my humble opinion.

My late father-in-law couldn't stand John Madden. He would mute the sound every time John would speak. He and I watched many football games over the years, the muting of John Madden never wavered.

Of all the football announcers I ever listened to, John Madden is the best one for me.

I look forward to a new season of NFL Football. I'll check out the new Monday Night Football format and announcers. I was a faithful watcher of that show for a large majority of its 35-year run with ABC. I hope the new crew at ESPN keeps me watching.


I want to thank everyone who sent me comments about Sherry and I becoming grandparents this past weekend. The new parents and child are doing fine. They go home today.


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