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August 5, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Creative Spirits

It's a great day to listen to the Jose Feliciano 1968 version of the song, Light My Fire. It is one of my top 10 favorite songs and part of my my iTunes library.

This past week I've been busy working on new creations including Desktop Backgrounds, Desktop Snapshots, and a new ScreenSaver, Time Out Of Mind Tumbling Myths (thumbnail shown below), the last item based upon my September 2002 digital image.

At Wednesday's San Diego Macintosh Users Group meeting I purchased Stone Studio after watching a very cool demo by the author, Andrew Stone. He has the total Mac spirit in his soul and his philosophy extends throughout his company and product line. Check out his products and start creating on your own.

I recently placed a large order at my CafePress store for some items we here at home wanted for ourselves and to use as samples. I'll be adding some more items and images to the store's offerings this month.

My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, has been busy creating over at iFX Films in Cottonwood, Arizona. His latest product is a book named, Beautiful People of Palm Springs. It portrays a documentary and pictures of famous people from that local during the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

Saturday, August 6, 2005, is the 125th anniversary of Leo Carrillo's birth (image below). That would be a great day to check out the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park in nearby Carlsbad, California [1; 2; 3; 4; 5].

Speaking of Saturday's, Sherry's new massage locale is gaining more customers each week. She will soon be filling up her Saturday bookings as a result. Maybe she has time to book me?


Now without further delay, my Digital Insight into my image below.

Light My Fire (Image created in September 2003)

Some music just feels so good. When the late Jim Morrison of The Doors created this song of the same name, it meant only one simple thing. When Jose Feliciano made that tune a hit in 1968, it meant so much more to me. I remember all the times of my life when the right moment arrived. When I was the initiator and when I, the responder. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"The look in the eyes conveys the message first. When the thermal energy in a relationship rises, one will encourage the other to ignite the passions.

Assuming mutual acceptance to the overture, how the fire burns is important. Does it burn with such intensity that it will soon burn out? Or does it burn in such a way that the fire is never quenched?

Much of that choice is surprisingly left to one individual. The question arises, is the choice made by the party of the first part, or the second? There is not an absolute way to know for sure in the heat of the moment."


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