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August 2, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Washington State Friends

Today's song is Moonlight Feels Right by Starbuck, released in 1976.

In August 2001 I had a chance to visit with my long-time friend from high school, Larry Dalke and his family. They live in North Bend, Washington.

At the time they had just sold their house and purchased some acreage to build a large house on it. While I was there, they were temporarily living in a mobile home and they and their two children shared that space with me for a few days.

In the years since the new house was completed. I'm told it is a magnificent home with a wonderful view of Mt. Si in the Great Room. The Moonlight Memories image (shown above) was inspired by my view of Mt. Si one night when I was there.

Larry and I met in high school back in 1964. We became closer friends when we both were part of the school's Concert Choir. Later we both owned motorcycle's and worked together at Andy's Tastee-Freeze near Rainbow Beach in Chicago. We have stayed in-touch over all these years.

Larry started to learn how to play the guitar about 1965. Later in 1966 we drove together to a North-side Chicago store where he purchased a professional-class Hummingbird guitar. As the years went by he became a very good musician. He's entertained on the side by playing local places wherever he's lived for over 30 years.

I drove Larry to get his Motorcycle Drivers License back in Chicago in the late 60's. He was the proud owner of a Honda 90 Scrambler motorcycle and he loved driving all around on it. He still drives motorcycles, as does his wife and son.

Five years ago this month was a time of personal discovery for me. The Dalke's made me feel right at home back then. In part, they helped sow the seeds for this site. Neither of us knew it then, but the entire trip before, during, and following my stay with them set the stage for all that followed. Thanks Larry and Yvonne.

One day I hope to return with Sherry to see their new home and stand before Mt. Si once again.


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