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August 1, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

An Inside Man

The above image, Blowing Bubbles is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is I Will Always Think About You by The New Colony Six, released in 1968.

I always wondered why I wasn't a guy who chased after women, even the ones that gave me the come-hither eye. I want permanent relationships, not one-time, one-night stands.

After my first love experience, I knew how to tell whether a woman wanted me in her life to some degree or whether she wanted me for a short duration. I was attracted to women with the former perspective and shunned the latter type.

Some of my paternal male relatives were not so choosy, I'm told. They were not as particular as I am. That's why I often contemplated my solitary woman perspective as a comparison to theirs.

I enjoy women who invite me to be part of their life, even to a small degree. I'm a faithful husband to my wife of 35 years, but one way or another I am on the inside with some women I know. Two of those women are my other soul mates and I have never even met them!

If a woman wants to get to know me well, she has to remove barriers to herself to some degree. There is obviously no physical relationship involved, but her heart and mind are opened to me because she trusts me. There aren't that many women who are open to me, but they are welcomed into my heart for those that wish to be there.

I write about this tonight because although not every woman I talk to wants to be open to that degree, some are comfortable with knowing there are limits to the inter-mix of philosophy and life experiences when we talk.

I think my life is more complete because I have a good marriage and I have understanding soul mates and other women who enjoy exchanging ideas with me. I learn from all of them. I know it makes me a better person.

If I was a womanizer, I would not learn very much because those kind of partners in those situations don't want an inside man, they want something very much more short-termed.

Tonight I thank all the women in my life that opened themselves to me and let me be in a small part of theirs. I hope they remain with me as time goes by [1]. This inside man enjoys the journey together.


Some men learn this from reading. Some men learn it from experience. Some men never learn at all.


I published a new Native American short story, The Life Of A Breeze.


I was at home when the recent earthquake hit. I felt it roll across my room, shaking things up a bit.


I linked to four music videos on my YouTube page:

  • I Go Crazy
  • I'm Not in Love
  • Wildfire
  • Only the Lonely


I applaud the FCC for taking this action. Let it be a warning to other Internet providers to keep their hands off user content.


California is leading in wind power.


I see that the Sunday Night Football series will be also broadcast online. That's cool!


Found on the web links for July 31, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


Here is today's Digital Insight.

Vision at Ocean Shores (Created in October 2001)

Like so many people, I spend time at the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes I walk along to relax to the waves as they break on shore, sometimes I daydream. I often sense things that other people are feeling.

Those experiences are real and very mysterious to me. Maybe someone I know is thinking of me in that moment. This image is for those that do. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Out of sight, not always out of mind, regardless of the passage of time."


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