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August 1, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Hugs, Kisses, and Personal Touches

The above image is, Light My Fire

Today's song is One On One by Hall & Oates, released in 1982.

Romance is such a great experience. One person becomes somewhat interested in another and the journey begins. The steps may be few or many between that initial interest and any potential romance to follow.

Each time I hear about how a couple got together I learn something new. I am not too surprised to find that the true loves were unanticipated and unexpected at the start of their first encounter. At some point the magic became mutual and flourished. The personal touches are distictive between any one relationship and the others you have in your own life.

The interval between hugs, kisses, and personal touches may be long in duration or short, sudden and very overt. Passion is expressed differently with every pairing.

I leave this morning to travel to Chicago for my granddaughter's first birthday. My passion for my wife, Sherry led to our daughter's birth almost 31 years ago. I can tell you that passion works! ;-)


I found a map of gasoline prices. You enter your zip code and it displays the latest prices of gas stations in the area. Maybe someday my car will have GPS continuously scanning for the lowest cost station and alert me according to the range of scan I desire. Then provide me directions to that nearest station for refueling. Maybe an iPhone interface will do that for me in the near future?


One of my friends I met when I worked at ieWild has his own web site. David tells me he will soon graduate from acupuncture school. Congrats, David!


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