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April 30, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

What The Mind Conceives...

The above image, Lightspeed is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Vincent by Don McLean, released in 1971.

I've been working with mind maps lately, using NovaMind for the Mac. Mind maps are useful as part of the critical thinking process. I wrote about these concepts previously on January 4, 2007.

Mind maps are but one tool for helping convey ideas in visual form. I previously wrote about visual information on January 12, 2007. Learning and using visual tools is very helpful in many situations. Below is my example of a mind map for public speaking.

I'm going to research the new version of OmniGraffle because it can also create process flows which are important to my work as a project manager.

Leading a team or consulting with clients requires keen insights to enable win-win business outcomes. Having technical expertise is only part of the solution. During my time in Twin Oaks Toastmasters, I covered several related topics and presented them in these PowerPoint Presentations:

I also gave this Apple Keynote Presentation, Knowledge Leadership Keynote Presentation.

To be sure, there is so much more to being a successful project manager and there are many ways to develop skills and experiences to become one. It is a continuous learning process and the rewards are good and profitable when you can move your team forward by enabling them to complete their tasks at hand.


I published Kover Kubes version 1.0. It's my newest iTunes Visualizer built using Leopard's Quartz Composer.


Amy, my niece that lives in Holland and I were instant messaging on Monday. She uses AIM 6.5 on Linux and I use iChat on my Mac. That was fun. I'm hoping she gets a camera and microphone so we can video conference for free next time.

Part of our discussion involved her questions to me about inner strength. This was my response to her:

"The only way to learn is by doing the hard tasks and having a great teacher/mentor guide your progress. It can't be done by stories alone. The knowledge isn't externally stored in someone else and transmitted by the spoken or written word. It is revealed within ones self in a process of discovery through activities designed to break the bonds of self-restriction. I know that sounds heavy, but it's the truth. Karate isn't the only way either. Yoga, dance, any kind of creative activity can be the channel to inner strength. Each person is different. I've been lucky, my Karate experiences were but one form. My teaching, consulting, artistic, and communication experiences have increased my inner strength abilities."


I published four new Desktop Backgrounds, in addition to Lightspeed, displayed near the top of this page:

24" iMac Thumbnail Image Title
Should Be Worth Millions
Digital Sea World
Fleeting Moments


My friend, Gary, who lives in Chicago, is part of the May 1st Ravenswood Morris Dance Team. From his email this is a description:

"MORRIS dancing is traditional ritual dance and street theater from England that is associated with bringing luck, prosperity, and agricultural fertility to the community.  It is also great fun!  The origins of Morris are uncertain, but this living tradition dates back at least 500 years and there are numerous references to Morris in the plays of William Shakespeare."

They will also be dancing on May 10th at the Near North Montessori School .

RAVENSWOOD MORRIS performs throughout greater Chicago at cultural festivals, farmer's markets, and other special occasions. Call Lowell at (773) 381-0867, send an email to, or visit then on the web at and find out how you can join the fun!


My friend, Dimitris P. Magemeneas treated me to lunch on Tuesday and we had a great discussion. He has an effective and pleasant approach to helping people invest.


Found on the web links for April 29, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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