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April 26, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Become A C-SPAN Fan

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Today's song is Soulful Strut by Young-Holt Unlimited, released in 1968.

Many of my Facebook friends know I am a big fan of C-SPAN. I occasionally watch those sessions and comment on my Facebook Wall for the ones I find most interesting.

I recently watched in their entirety, three of the four sessions on The Senate Budget Committee for the 2011 Fiscal Year Markup. Combining those three sessions, I watched over 8 hours of coverage. I learned a great deal about how a Senate markup committee works.

That particular committee worked very well together with members of both sides of the two political parties. In a small setting like that one, the federal government works pretty well. I could draw upon my other C-SPAN observations of the federal legislature and see how the spin is created by leaders of the two parties for public consumption outside of committees.

That's right, in committees sensible debate happens. Outside of those committees the leaders are informed of the committee actions, strategies created to deal with the results, and the spin script and talking points developed to use when playing to the particular public audience.

All the news media uses the public comments for their bias and broadcast to their viewers. If you want to know the real way the federal legislature works at the committee level, you need to watch C-SPAN.

This coming week, the President's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform starts. The report out of that panel is due December 1, 2010. No one knows what that report will say after the mid-term elections are over. What every American should recognize is this:

All Americans will at some point not too long in the future being paying more in taxes and receiving less in benefits.

My idea is this. I want all income taxed starting at $1.00 as a Flat Tax, with no exemptions, deductions, or credits. This makes everyone a payer, partly responsible for the services consumed to operate our government. Everybody then has a stake in how that tax revenue is spent. Some say that idea harms the poor. I say the current progressive tax system harms everybody as a class warfare weapon.

At least with a Flat Tax system, if you are poor, earning more money won't be taxed at a higher rate as it is now! If you are wealthy, a Flat Tax allows you to invest more and you don't need to try to evade taxes because you along with everyone else is taxed on the gross income. The same applies to every company and there are no more loopholes for them to shelter money and avoid paying taxes!

There are other tax ideas to be sure. They should all be applied to all income so that everyone pays taxes. We all share in that responsibility.

In any case, watching C-SPAN coverage of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform even on an occasional basis will allow you to see what really goes on with the plans for our country's economic future. You'll have a chance to see which ideas get adopted in the end. You'll see the spin come out afterwards by all sides. By watching the actual commission meetings, you'll know what the truth is when the dust settles. You'll know where your money is likely to be withheld and where it is intended to be spent in the coming years.


Congrats to my friend and Distant relative, Renee with her new husband, Ken, this week in Jamaica.


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