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April 25, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Warm And Profitable White Winds

The above image, Forbidden Landmarks is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is instead, the entire album White Winds by Andreas Vollenweider, released in 1984.

Warm breezes are returning to our region. The rain from the winter weather has enabled flowers growing and blooming all over the area. This is such a beautiful place to live, we never tire of the pleasant climate here.

I first purchased White Winds as a cassette tape back in 1984 or 1985. I was mesmerized by the music as it played on our stereo system in our Berkeley, Illinois home. My computer consulting career was taking off about that time and I wrote many programs as I listened very often to that particular music.

Last week, I purchased the digital version of that album from the iTunes Store. Now I have it on my iPod nano when I'm out and can let that music soothe me if that need arises.

These last few weeks has been an exceptional period of creative time for me. I have many more new Desktop Backgrounds to publish in the next few weeks. My psychic sensing's are very strong now too. New opportunities are arriving at my doorstep every week and that is cool.

I've been researching deeper into Amazon's Web Services Architecture. I think using Amazon's large clusters for temporary processing of otherwise time-cosnuming tasks should be exploited. I am hoping to see the ability to render 3D animations using that approach in the next year. It would be great to exercise the power of 10-20 clustered computers to render complex Bryce animations. The cost might be only a couple dollars for each rendering project.

When Digital SweatShop downsized last summer, I was given the Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge. I'm using it to publish some short videos from my old VHS archive. Some of those results are mentioned further down this page.


I published four new Desktop Backgrounds, in addition to Forbidden Landmarks, displayed near the top of this page:

24" iMac Thumbnail Image Title
Color Pile
High Voltage
When Life Gets Smudged
Spontaneous Combustion


In late August 1969, I purchased a Bell and Howell Super 8 movie camera and projector. I sold them in 1980 after taking many rolls of film. None of those films had sound on them. Around 1991, I had all that film converted to VHS tape. I have converted a few sections of some of VHS tapes to Quicktime. They are listed here, but may be viewed from my QuickTime Videos page.

  • Tambrick September 1969
  • Don and Bill February 1972
  • Don and Bill Play Ping-Pong March 1972
  • Wisconsin Cabin Activities August 1972


Another very profitable quarter for Apple, Inc. I helped out by purchasing my Apple 24-inch 2.4Ghz iMac with 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard disk.


Another scientist who says an Ice Age is advancing upon us. Let's just say that is proven to be the case. What would we humans do about it? No one seems to be talking about that possibility. They only talk about global warming, and use speculative data to support that premise. But what if they are wrong and the temperature reverses itself?


Found on the web links for April 24, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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