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April 24, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Suite Fun In Palm Springs, California

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Today's song is Younger Than Springtime by Frank Sinatra, released in 1967.

Sherry and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by driving over to Palm Springs, California. We took the scenic route along highways 79, 111, and 74, that wind their way through valleys and mountains in that 100-plus mile trip. I published a page of pictures of this trip for your enjoyment.

Inside our 2005 Dodge Caravan (shown below), we listened to CD music selections [1; 2] that represented some of the times of our lives together.

We stopped about half-way to our destination to visit the Cahuilla Creek Casino located in Anza, California (shown below).

Sherry played the Wheel Of Fortune slot machine with a single 75¢ bet and won $25.00! She cashed her winnings in immediately. I lost $2 during the same time trying to match her luck. Sometimes it works out that way. :-)

We arrived at the Doral Desert Princess Resort in the late afternoon. As we registered in that hotel, Tim, a very conscientious employee, was working the Front Desk. Upon hearing it was our 33rd wedding anniversary, he upgraded our reservation to one of the spacious 1200 square foot suites (shown below) with a wonderful view of the mountains, golf course, and pool.

It was extremely windy during our entire stay in Palm Springs. We preferred to enjoy our Friday evening New York Steak dinner inside the hotel restaurant. Afterwards we returned to our room to watch the sunset from our sizable balcony patio adjoining our suite.

As the winds blew, we watched the stars mark their appearance in the sky above the snow-capped mountains beyond. It was a perfect evening for us. Our daughter and her husband called us and we enjoyed that conversation with them.

As the dawn arrived in the desert, the sunrise bathed its soft light across the face of the distant mountains. Sherry left my bedside to sit in the parlor and observe the new day arrive with those early rays of sunlight. Sitting in the chair, she faced the unfolding day and read some of the book she brought along for such quiet moments.

Later in the morning, Sherry awakend me with a soft kiss and told me of her time in the other room alone. The glow in her eyes as she spoke conveyed her experience of watching the activities of the resort come to life from her vantage point.

Saturday afternoon we returned home after enjoying a great breakfast buffet at the hotel where we talked about about how much we appreciated our getaway.

The Palm Springs desert region is a great part of Southern California. The views, the history, the night life, and people combine to make special occasions even better.


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