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April 23, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]


The above image, Falling Effect is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Fallin' & Flyin' by Jeff Bridges, released in 2009.

Online experiences often build walls between people. I sense more walls online than I do in public. There comes a point where those encounters become too numerous to experience each day. I won't go into why walls propagate instead of disappear, that's not my path in life.

Internal forces within sometimes make me feel I've spent enough time online. There are some important milestones yet to reach online for me, but I think another calling is emerging. This time of year is always an unusual psychic time for me. This sensing of mine will reveal in its own time as always. There is never a wall for that outcome.


About two weeks ago I accepted the volunteer Chair position for the Presentation Session of the 2009 Project of the Year (POY) at the PMI-SD 2010 Annual Conference. I report to the overall project Chair for the POY, working with a great team of people.

I established an online discussion group to help facilitate the workgroup, adding the MS Project 2007 60 task schedule I developed to help initiate the session process and an outline of tasks and activities.


My friend, Jim, published another leadership article, Influence.


My Sensei, John Venson, informed me that his Just For Kicks website is updated.

There is also a Facebook Just For Kicks site too.


Show off your photos on the iPad


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