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April 21, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Saturday Wedding

Today's song is I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher, released in 1965.

Thirty-four years ago today was also a Saturday. I clearly remember Sherry's and my wedding day on April 21, 1973, a mere 12,418 days ago. Today that seems like yesterday.

Sherry was 18 years old and wore a yellow dress. I dressed in a sports coat for the wedding ceremony at age 23. We were married in a small rural church by a minister. It was a wonderful stress-free wedding in a small Wisconsin town.

We were the youngest people at the ceremony with about 20 others attending. The next youngest person was 48, the oldest 71. Only one person of all those other people attending is still alive.

Both Sherry and I were ready to wed. We both spoke our vows to each other as we looked deeply into each other's eyes. Sherry's eyes and mine still meet that way. We still hug and kiss each other a lot, no matter where we are.

Ours wasn't a fancy wedding, very inexpensive. We did it our way. Neither of us would change anything about our wedding, except Sherry would have liked more pictures taken that day.

I think the simplest weddings are the best. Below is my gift to her this year.


I close today's message with the following Digital Insight.

Ring (Created in March 2003)

Rings offered through affection are important to me. My wife, Sherry, accepted an engagement ring from me in March 1973. She was eighteen years old when we married a month later and she wears the wedding band of that union.

Over the years, I've presented her with other rings of various types including her Ruby birthstone. She gave me a gold wedding band I wear.

The wedding ring my Father gave to my Mother in 1936 now adorns one of the fingers of our daughter's right hand. That was a wedding gift to her from my brother, Rusty, who had inherited it after my Mom passed away. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Wear your rings proudly and remember the moment you received each of them forever."


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