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April 21, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Sherry and Don's 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Today's song is Guilty by Barbra Streisand, released in 1980.

Both Sherry and I feel it was a lifetime ago, when we married on Saturday, April 21, 1973. We are still a happy couple that we were at the time we married. Some of our closest friends have been married about the same amount of time and they remain happy too. That's a nice thing to have in-common with close friends.

Sherry and I travel this Friday and Saturday to celebrate our continued union together. We are taking our 2005 Dodge Caravan into the desert, although we won't be camping this time.

We didn't have much when we started out in April 1973. We didn't feel we needed much as long as we had each other. We still feel that way. When our daughter was born three years later, we felt blessed that she came into our lives. Our family grew strong in love and understanding for each other as the years went by.

The first two years of our marriage were a time of getting to know each as husband and wife. The first five years encompassed a time of economic challenges as we dealt with the extended layoffs during my machinist career. At ten years, we were at the beginning of a new wave of prosperity as my computer career started to reach fruition. When our twentieth year together arrived, we were in our second home and looking to the time when our daughter would be going off to college. At twenty-five years, I gave Sherry a diamond bracelet as an expression of my love for her. The last few anniversaries have been documented on this site.

We reminisce about our time together. We recall the struggles and the elated times along our path. We understand the key ingredients in marriage: love; loyalty; effort; and, commitment. We talked about those aspects before we were married and many times since.

Our daughter and her husband just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. They are expecting their first child in August. Our first grandchild is in for great times ahead because her parents, Jenny and Michael understand the key ingredients of marriage too. What more could both sets of grandparents ask for?


Apple Computer, Inc., continues to expand its market penetration. Their iPod market share for digital music players is 78%, up from 71% last quarter. The iTunes Music Store now has a 87% digital music market share. This Autumn will be 25 years for me as a participant in the Apple experience; from developer to user, I've had fun and been well-paid for that ride.

I recently came across this article that gives customers a way to obtain credit at the Apple iTunes Music Store. I think that's very cool!


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