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April 19, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

White Flag Rising

No picture or song today. The blank white space above represents the Senate Majority Leader's view of surrender in Iraq. I quote Senator Harry Reid's remarks from that article below:

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday said the war in Iraq is lost militarily and 'can only be won diplomatically, politically and economically' after more than four years of fighting."

If the funding for the troops in Iraq are cut-off and the troops are brought home as a result of that response, then I think the following should also occur.

1) Bring all the U.S. troops home from all places outside our United States. Bring them home from Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Europe, Bosnia, all the places they serve. Well, maybe keep Gitmo open a while longer. The President can do that, he doesn't need Congress' permission.

2) Return the surface fleets from the Sea of Japan, the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea, and all the other places. All of them except the nuclear attack subs, deploy all of those as our first line of defense.

Now let's deal with Senator Reid's comment itself. Let him be the Diplomat to bring peace with the terrorists. Give him the diplomatic and political support he needs, but absolutely no economic aid as an inducement. If he can't economically support our troops, I want my elected representatives to deny funding for his ideas of economic support.

Then let's sit back and see how it goes in the world.

With our first line of defense out there ready to respond upon provocation, and Senator Harry Reid winning the terrorists over with his logic and sense of proportion, peace will come in a reasonable matter of time, right?

That's why I left that big white space up at the top today, a White Flag Raiser like Senator Harry Reid needs all the dignified support he can muster. I've given him mine!


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