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April 18, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Before My Wife Sherry

The above image, The Stuff Of Wishes is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Wishing You Were Here by Chicago, released in 1974.

In a few days, Sherry and I celebrate our 35 years of marriage. Recently, we have reminded each other of that time long ago about the week before our wedding and how we made our time together begin [1; 2].

I also think about the hard times in both of our lives before we fell in love. All couples who are truly in love, know the pain of heartbreak from previous relationships. Only through the emotional growth from those experiences can people really know marital happiness.

My stories, art, and music on this site continue to tell about my situations in life. I was fortunate to be happily married all these years. Many people we know have not been so lucky.

I created two new ways to evaluate heartbreaks and those digital creations are described further below.


I created the new music tune, Heartbroken. It is available as an mp3 on the GarageBand Riffs page. It supports my previous digital image of the same concept.

I also created the, Heartbroken Quicktime Music Video. It is availabe on the QuickTime Videos page. It is formatted to display properly on Apple's iTouch and iPhone devices (after downloading and installing into iTunes). Depending on your Internet connection speed the load time before the movie starts will vary. It is about 9.6 MB in size and about 1 minute 51 seconds in duration.


It is wonderful news that IBM is considering replacing PC's with Macs. When I worked for IBM as a Project Manager, my boss once said during a group meeting that Macs were dying out. I told him he was wrong. He didn't appreciate my response. Time has proved him wrong on that topic and a few other things too. ;-)

And then there is this article from Tom Yager about coming back to the Mac after a short foray into the unpredictable world of Windows Vista.

Soon there will be many more people following in his footsteps as they discover the Mac computing experience is so much better than Windows...


On Wednesday night, I met for several hours with my elementary and high school friend, Rick Munden, while he was here in San Diego teaching a class. Rick is involved with many different kinds of businesses, one of which is Epiphyte, LLC. It may come about one day that his association with that company and mine in Newbound, Inc., are able to work together.


Found on the web links for April 17, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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