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April 18, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Wet Tracks from Dried Tears

April 19th, 2005 marks the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I recall the moment when I heard about the unfolding tragedy. A friend of mine called me at work and I immediately went to the company lunch-room to watch the aftermath on TV. I was shocked just like everyone else there. I don't remember doing much work that day.

That night at home, I watched the CNN TV coverage until I couldn't stay up any longer. That cycle repeated itself each evening for several days that followed.

The image that burns most intensely in my memory is that of a rescuer carrying the lifeless body of a young child, about two or three years old, immediately after the blast took so many lives in a split-second. I can still experience the chill that ran up-and-down my spine as I watched that baby's arms and legs hang downward in death. I lack the ability to express the emotion I felt in that moment; it dwells within, but has no outward manifestation.

My daughter visited that memorial site last week and she tells me it is a very moving experience. I'm sure it is as I am moved as I write this recollection. Someday I will see that place first-hand.


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