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April 15, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Anniversaries and New Beginnings

This site has been in existence for three years now. It's come a long way and so have I. Regular readers of the many pages here have watched an evolution of content and style over the last 36 months. More is to come.

Tomorrow, April 16th, is the 5-year anniversary of our daughter and her husband's marriage. They are celebrating in Las Vegas, Nevada, the city where they were married in 2000. Both sets of parents are proud and happy for them.

My 32nd wedding anniversary with Sherry arrives on April 21st. We are celebrating by taking the train to Santa Barbara, California and staying at a famous hotel there for the following weekend. I once lived in Santa Barbara (1972) before I was married and going back there this time is a way to close another circle of life for me. I recently created a QuickTime video for Sherry, Still in Love with You Music Video incorporating one of my new musical creations and some of my art images.

This week I have been working on another online store. The [Digital Passages CafePress Store is now closed as of April 18, 2008] is now open. It contains various articles (more will be added over time) affixed with some of my digital art. That location is my second online store and serves a different purpose from my other store. Check both out and see if you find some articles that you would like to purchase.

When I return from the anniversary trip, I start another one, alone in our new van the very next day. I mentioned this trip previously and I'm excited to go on this one while Sherry remains back here. Upon my return, I will be busy with my usual volunteer projects and working on my new contract with the city of Carlsbad, California.


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