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April 14, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]


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Today's song is Like To Get To Know You by Spanky & Our Gang, released in 1968.

With the arrival of Spring, I've decided to cut back on some of my outside activities. It seems to be a time when I need to collect my thoughts about my book and other changes coming this year for Sherry and I as we become grandparents of a little girl.

Anniversaries are soon upon Sherry and I as well. Our daughter and her husband celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday. Our 33rd wedding anniversary is on the 21st.

I don't plan on making any more speeches at my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club for awhile. I have four speeches left to achieve for my ATM Bronze, that goal will be delayed as a result of my downshift.

My current online class, Project Management Applications is almost over, I'll be ready for the final exam after the last class next Friday. This class has been very informative, I'm going to write about it here in a couple weeks. In a recent lesson, my instructor referenced this excellent web page on the subject of Statistics. I found that site to be very informative as I scanned the various subtopics listed there.


On the Internet there is some excitement in software development circles concerning Amazon's S3 Simple Storage Service. I took a look at it and it has some interesting elements including the ability to use BitTorrent technologies at extremely low costs. It's one more aspect of the Web 2.0 concept and we'll all hear more about it as the next few years reveal. Thanks to Sherry's brother, Bob, who sent me some great additional links about Web 2.0.


Jose Neto asked and received a license from me to incorporate my Twin Flames image into a party flyer that is hot! I'm sure his male viewers will consider downshifting after reviewing that content. :-)

I also mention his request on the Reader Testimonials and Credits and Permissions pages.


For those of you celebrating this holiday weekend, I hope you all have a good time and don't forget to slow your life down a bit too. If you meet someone new, I hope you get to know them better.


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