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April 13, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Inner Light

I continue to be a big fan of, Star Trek: The Next Generation. One of my favorite episodes of that show is, The Inner Light. It is the story of a man (Captain Picard) who lives an entire alternate life that could have been, with a wife and family in enjoyment and love.

I believe there are many great lessons in looking for our own "inner light". I continually seek mine out and sometimes I manage to view a glimpse of what's inside. Here is one of the things that keeps my "inner light" burning ready for the next revelation.

Today I gave a presentation to about seventeen senior men living at, Redwood Terrace in nearby Escondido, California. My topic was about the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park delivered while fulfilling my role as volunteer Park Ambassador for the ranch. I spoke for about 30 minutes at 8:00 AM after eating breakfast with the men. Then I played a short eight-minute segment of the DVD I produced for the Friends of Leo Carrillo Ranch, Inc. containing music and photos relating to Leo and the ranch. I watched the men as they studied the images displayed and the listened to the soothing background music. They gave me sincere applause at the end.

That experience was very heart-warming. The audience was very polite during my entire time there this morning. I could tell by watching some of the participants during breakfast that they have other issues on their minds. Some have their own health conditions, some are there to support their wives who are there for medical treatment. I seemed to ameliorate their concerns during my speaking time today. To offer those in need some mental relief from life's trials is a worthy goal. Life if good at any age when compassion is freely tendered.

Such moments stokes the fires of those "inner lights" of everyone present.


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